Always Wright

Always Wright

Monday, March 2, 2015

Violet's Blessing Day

We blessed our little Violet yesterday at church. There was a snowstorm happening that morning, so getting to church was little more tricky and the congregation was small, but everything ended up going smoothly. Violet looked so sweet and lovely in the blessing gown made by her Grandma Wright. The blessing was beautiful and Violet was even quiet for the whole thing. Matthew's parents and my dad were able to be here, which was wonderful. Along with our friends from church, a few of our other friends (MJ, Christine, and the Sanders family) also came to show their support. I was very touched that they came, especially considering the snow and the early hour (we have 9 am church). They are definitely true friends! Sadly, we were not able to get pictures with any them, but we will always remember that they were there!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

Our family. Just keeping it real with a two-year-old who won't hold still and whose Sunday shoes suddenly didn't fit that morning.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Wee Babe

I've always heard people say they were amazed by what different personalities their babies had. Babies? Having personalities? Aren't they just babies?

Nope. I can now tell you that babies definitely have personalities. And both of my babies have totally different ones!

Grady was so totally chill, the most laid-back, loosey-goosey baby ever. He almost never cried, even when he was tired or hungry or needed a diaper change. It was seriously hard to ruffle him.

Violet, on the other hand...

Within just a week or two I could see that this girl came with much more fiestiness than her older brother. That is not to say that she is a difficult or a fussy baby. She is actually very content and pleasant and happy almost all of the time. BUT, when she isn't...well, let's just say she isn't afraid to let you know it. My sister visited over Christmas and, after helping Violet through a mini scream session (putting her to bed), she commented, "That baby has such a weird cry. It's not even like she's's like she's yelling at you." I laughed to hear someone else say that, because that's what I had always thought too. This baby has opinions and she wants to make them known! If she is hot or overtired (which is the worst for her) or poopy, you definitely know it.

The first few months have been a bit rocky, just trying to figure out what she is very firmly trying to say to me at times. I just experienced a "mother of the year" moment this past week, in which I realized (thanks to my mother) that I had been putting her to bed before she was tired for...weeks? months? who knows how long? Once we figured that out, almost all of her sleep problems have been magically solved and she goes down without a peep. Oh, babies! Figuring them out can be such a mystery. How I wish they came with a little signal that would blink on and let you know when they are ready for something new! 

Despite the guessing game, we have made some major breakthroughs over these last three months, and I daresay we are starting to get each other (knock on wood). Things are going so well at this point. As long as I listen to her and make sure she eats, sleeps and gets changed at the right time she is the most dreamy little baby there ever was. She is so happy and smiles ALL the time. She is completely obsessed with her brother and wants to see him at all times. She is also very independent, usually preferring to lay by herself on the floor, rather than be held and snuggled (I know, so sad), so she can kick and wiggle and feel like a big girl. She also LOVES to "talk" and we have some of the sweetest little cooing conversations ever. 

She seriously is growing way too fast. Last week she rolled over and I about had a heart attack. Rolling over is the first step to mobility! Next thing I know she'll be flipping all over the place, then crawling and running around! Isn't she supposed to be a little, holdable baby for awhile still?? I can't take it.

I wish she would slow down and stay small for as long as possible, but, big or small, I still love her to pieces and I'm so glad she's mine!

Just a typical hair day.

Caught you breaking out of that swaddle, young lady!

Sweet swaddled baby in the swing.

She discovered the elephant in last month's photo shoot and was fascinated with it.

The brow furrow

This face is so delicious to me.

After church one Sunday.


One of my all-time favorite Violet pictures. Chewing on two fingers is her current signature move.

January Gradyisms

Grady: Mommy, where's the sun?
Mommy: It must be hiding behind the clouds.
Grady: Silly sun!

One morning Grady woke up, ran over to Violet and said, "Good morning, Vyet. I had a nap! But then...another surprise! I dropped my Sunday sock-plop!-onto the floor! So-poof!-I picked up the udder (other) sock off the floor."

"Someday I will be bigger and bigger and bigger and I will turn into a worker! And I will drive a forklift. Like Amy." (I found out later that his aunt Amy had told him a few months ago that she used to drive forklifts in college when she worked stocking vending machines on campus.) Grady has this complete obsession with two things (well, more than two things, but only two I am about to mention): directing music with a "stick"and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (which he, of course, directs). All drinking straws in our house have been long confiscated for this purpose. Grady calls them his "instruments." He uses them to direct and also pretends they are musical instruments, like a flute or a trombone (a smaller straw that he slides in and out of a bigger straw). He loves his choir so much that Matthew made him a youtube channel of choir videos, which he watches and directs almost every day. He really gets into his is a full body workout! Haha 

One of the conductors of the MoTab is named Mack Wilberg. Grady asked once who he was, so we told him. One day he was watching his beloved choir, when it showed the director. Grady shouted, "It's Mack! He just directs with a stick." Then he ran across the room, dumped out his toy trucks, rummaged through until he found the semi-truck that pulls Lightening McQueen on the movie Cars and announced, "And this is Mack!"

Something startled me and I exclaimed, "Good grief!"
So Grady yelled, "Oh my grief!"

Grady loves the Disney version of Robin Hood (the one with the fox). At one point in the movie, the Honorable Sheriff of Nottingham comes walking through town and the narrator says, "Here comes old bad news himself." So anytime the Sheriff comes on the screen, Grady will say, "Look Mommy-it's Old Bad News!"

Grady: What's this?
Mommy: An apple.
Grady: And what's this?
Mommy: The skin on the apple.
Grady: Oh! I wuv skin! 

Mommy: Why aren't you eating your banana?
Grady: Because we need to talk about seagulls and ducks and poops and changes. 
Mommy: ???

Grady was taking a "break" in his room for awhile and reading stories (where I send him when he is tired or cranky and needs to calm down...and I need a break from him too). Matthew came home from work while Grady was having his break, so he went upstairs to get him out of his room. When they came down I asked Grady how his break was. He replied, "Good! And then, another surprise from pharmacy and work--Daddy!"

Grady: Talk about Vyet's chair was too big. (referring to her Bumbo seat)
Mommy: Actually, the chair was too small and Grady was too big.
Grady: In fact, I just wanted to sit on something.

He randomly walked up to me and told me, "I said to my udder (other) diaper, 'My bottom is trying to do a poop,' but then it DID do a poop!"

One day at breakfast, "Oh man! I sneezed some eelmeal (oatmeal) on my arm!"

Mommy: Do you know what Violet's full name is? Violet Caroline Wright. Just like your full name is Grady Wesley Wright. 
Grady: Oh. And Mommy's name is Mommy Grady Wesley Wright.

I picked up a pencil from the kitchen and started to write with it. Grady screamed, "NO MOMMY! YOU! PUT! THAT! BACK! That is for Daddy's backpack for school!"

After hearing the story of the three bears, Grady told me this story:
"Once upon a time there was an old woman named Grady who lived downstairs. He wanted to eat some porridge for breakfast. So he sat in the big hard chair. Then he sat in this chair."

Another day, after hearing the story of the three little pigs, Grady said, "Talk about there were three little womans: Mommy, Daddy, Grady and Vyet. And Grady had some nice hands to dump out the bucket full of trucks. And the wolf came and Mommy and Daddy and Grady and Vyet said, 'GASP!' And the wolf said, 'I will blow and puff your house!"

After several such incidents where the word 'woman' was misused, I decided I should try and explain to Grady what the words 'woman' and 'man' mean. We talked one afternoon about how a woman is a grown-up girl and a man is a grown-up boy. I listed off just about every adult Grady knows and told him which ones were men and which ones were women. That night at dinner Grady looked at Matthew and said, "Daddy, you are a woman!" Guess it didn't sink in...

Mommy: Grady, eat your pears.
Grady: No! It is too dangerous!

(Takes a drink of ice water) "Mmmmmm...smells good!"

Daddy: I love you, Grady.
Grady: Daddy loves me. Mommy loves me. Vyet loves me. Elsa loves me.
(He also has an Elsa/Frozen every other child in this country)

Speaking of the Frozen obsession, he has renamed his stuffed animals. Doggy is now Anna, Giraffe is now Kristoff, Blanket Puppy is now Elsa (it has a puppy head and a light blue blanket for the body, which I'm guessing he thinks must look like an Elsa dress), and his blankets are Olaf and Sven. Sometimes "Elsa" climbs the "north mountain" (couch or piano).

Daddy: Let's play 'this little piggy went to market.'
Grady: No. Let's play this BIG piggy.

Daddy: You have a hair on your face. Here, let me get it.
Grady: Oh! Daddy! You have a hair on your face! It is in your mustache.

I got out the felt board and felt games that I made for him and he cried, "Oh! It is our fun activia!"

We were reading the book Curious George Goes Camping. Grady saw this picture on the very last page and said, "Look Mommy! It is Curious George getting married!"

I had just finished mopping the kitchen and was putting the chairs and rugs back. Grady came in and gasped, "Mommy! Thank you for making the floor clean and soft for me to walk on!"

One evening at dinner: "Oh my goodness! I just want broccoli in my mouth!"


Sunday, January 4, 2015

December Gradyisms

After my last post of Grady sayings from the previous six months I realized there was so much missing that I had forgotten, so I've been trying to do better at keeping track of the funny things Grady says. I started keeping a notepad hanging on my fridge that I can run to and write funny things down on right when they happen and it worked pretty well this past month. My goal is to write them on my blog every month so that they get recorded. Here are the Grady moments I captured from December:

One day at lunch Grady started spreading hummus on his cheeks and announced, "I'm making Santa!"

I was fixing my hair in the bathroom when Grady appeared in the doorway, gasped, and said, "Mommy! You are so handsome!"

He was playing with one of his trucks one day when Matthew and I overheard this little narrative: 
"Once there was a boy named Grady. He lived with his friend named Front Loader. They went in the woods and got ready to play in some dirt. Beep...beep...beep...beep.

Grady: "I told my father I want to have a snack."
Matthew: "Who is your father? Is it me?"
Grady: "No. It's Mommy."

After the choir performed a number at church one Sunday, Grady turned to me and exclaimed, "That was a good show!"

His breakfast prayer one morning started something like this: 
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for hearing my voice."

On Christmas morning he got a new digger truck. He drove his digger over to our toy grocery store and crashed into it, knocking the food in the store all over the floor. Then he said, "Uh-oh! Digger is being a naughty stinker! He needs to go to time-out." After putting the digger in a corner in the kitchen he said, "I will get the timer. When the timer beeps digger can come out of time-out."

Grady sleeps with this blue stuffed dog lovey that has a blanket for a body, which he named Blanket Puppy. One morning Matthew went in Grady's room to get him up and Grady said, "Oh, Daddy! I was just telling Blanket Puppy how handsome he looks in his pretty pink dress."  

The past two weeks in church (right after the sacrament was passed) Grady has said (loudly), "I need to take off my pants!"

For a week or two, every time Matthew would ask Grady, "What did you do today?" he would respond by quoting a page from the book Curious George Goes to the Beach (that we hadn't read for several weeks, I might add): "I learned a new game, I dug in the sand, and I made a new friend!"

One day Grady randomly turned to Matthew and said, "We don't eat people. We eat breakfast, wunch (lunch) and dinner." 

Me: "Goodnight, Grady."
Grady: "Mommy! I will hear a sound!"
Me: "What sound?"
Grady: "The sound of my dream about Heffalumps and Woozels."

We've had family visiting over the holidays who have been flying into town, so Grady has been really interested in airplanes and airports and people coming and going in them. He keeps telling us, "Someday when I get 'ittle' (little) like Vyet (Violet), I will be big enough to ride on the airplane."

I went into my bedroom this morning to get dressed. Grady followed me into the room then stopped, turned around and looked at the bedroom door. He walked over and closed it, then looked at me and said, "Day doo! (Thank you) Pershate it. (I appreciate it)

Today Matthew and the kids were in the chapel after church waiting for me to finish up some things. Matthew was playing some songs on the organ. Grady pretended to direct him for awhile, then wandered over to the microphone and said, " I bear my testimony."

Grady was eating lunch and I was over at the counter. I heard him bust up laughing and turned around to see him with a carrot in his nose. He said, "I'm Olaf!"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gradyisms From the Past Six Months

Having a two-year-old is hilarious and fun, mainly because of the things he says. Here are some of our favorites from the past six months or so that I want to write down so we don't ever forget them. (There are kind of a lot, so it's a long post)

Gradyisms from the Summer: (22-24 Months Old)

One morning during breakfast Grady said, "Mommy?" 
I said, "Yes?" 
And was immediately corrected with, "Yes, honey."

Mommy: This little piggy went to...
Grady: Market!
Mommy: This little piggy stayed...
Grady: Home!
Mommy: This little piggy had...
Grady: Chicken!

When we were on the phone or busy and he wanted our attention, he would do something naughty he knew he wasn't supposed to do (such as touch the computer or climb onto the kitchen table) and yell, "Time out!" with a devilish smile on his face. 

One night we ordered burgers and fries from Five Guys for dinner. We only got burgers for ourselves and were just going to share some fries with Grady, so I needed to find something else to feed him. While Matthew was picking up the food and bringing it home I said, kind of to Grady and kind of to myself, "Hmm...what else should you have for dinner? What goes with fries?" He answered, "Chepup!" (ketchup) 

He learned to climb into his high chair by himself this summer. Once he was finally up in the chair he would proudly exclaim, "self!"

During a long road trip, Matthew and I were tickling Grady in the car. After awhile we stopped. Grady said, "More tickle! First Daddy." So Daddy obediently tickled him. Then Grady looked at me and said, "Now Mommy turn."

Once in June when Grady was eating lunch we were talking about the textures of the food he was eating. I told him the apple was crunchy, the dried mango was chewy, the milk was creamy. Then he pointed to his cheese and said, "Cheese chewy?" I told him no, cheese is soft. He looked down at his cheese, stroked it gently and said, "Cheese soft." 
(I can only guess this comes from us always telling him to "be soft" with babies, puppies, etc.)

We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house in North Dakota having dinner. Grady's cousin, Ruby, was upset and didn't want to get in the high chair, I think. A few people were trying to calm her down and distract her. One of them asked her, "Where's baby Sherman?" (referring to her little brother). Grady glanced up from his food, saw the baby swaddled and laying on a blanket on the floor in the next room and replied, "Ground." Then promptly went back to eating.

The first day we arrived in North Dakota, Grandpa and Matthew and the dog, Titan, were alone in the house with Grady for awhile while Grandma and I went to the store. After awhile, Grady came running up to them shouting, "Titan! Choca chips!" Puzzled, they asked Grady what he meant and followed him upstairs to discover that he had poured Titan's chocolate chips (dog food) into his water. 

Gradyisms of the Fall (24-28 Months Old)

I was using a heating pad for my back while I was pregnant. Grady found it on the floor one day and started dragging it around by the cord saying, "I'm flying a kite!"

My mom (Coco) was here visiting in August. I was sick with a cold, so she took Grady to the park to let me rest. When they got home I was asleep. Apparently Grady was concerned that my mom wouldn't know his routine, so he told her, "Grady hungry. Grady tired. Milk, lunch, crib." 

One day I was I was in the bathroom when I heard knocking and a small voice yelling, "Allison! Allison! Open it!"

Grady just started sleeping with a blanket this fall for the first time (there is a reason for that, but that's another story). I got him out a quilt, had him lay down in his crib and covered him up with it, explaining that it would keep him warm. Then I walked out of the room. About two minutes later, I went back in to check on him, just because I was curious. He was standing up, so the blanket had come off, and he couldn't figure out how to cover himself up with it again. He looked up and said, "Mommy! The blanket is broken!"

Grady will refer to me sometimes by whatever color I am wearing. So if I am wearing a purple shirt, I am Purple Mommy that day. He loves watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing and calls them the "Mommies and Daddies." One day he was watching them sing a song and said, "The Blue Mommies are singing!" (they were wearing blue). Then, looking at me (wearing a red shirt at the time), he said, "But I love Red Mommy."

Grady has a basketball hoop that he loves to play with and two balls that he uses with it, a blue one and an orange one. When he is playing basketball with someone he will assign each person a ball ("Grady orange ball, Daddy blue ball"). Once, before the baby was born, I asked Grady if he was going to be a nice big brother and share his toys with his new baby sister. He said, "Um, yes. Baby Vyet (Violet) blue ball, Grady orange ball."

 He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh. One day he had found a grocery receipt and was walking around holding it and pretending to read it. I asked him what it said and he replied, "Piglet, me!" (I think he was thinking of the message Piglet sends in a bottle when his house is flooding that says, "Help! P-p-piglet (me)" )

He loves the construction trucks that have been working outside our house on a new sidewalk. One day he said to Matthew, "We need to go see the dump truck named Dump Truck!"

His favorite movie is Disney's Robin Hood. He has said a lot of funny things relating to this movie lately. The other day I went to get him up from his nap and he said, "Oh, Mommy! It's you! I thought Maid Marian was coming to get me up from my nap." Then one day he brought me a block and said, "Here. We need to put this in our poor box." Another time he laid on the floor and called out, "I'm dying! I'm dying!" (I think imitating Lady Cluck when she pretend sword fights with the little bunny)

One of his recent bedtime prayers included, "Thank you for Grady spitting out the hot dog into my bib," which was something he had done at a meal a few days before...go figure!

We give him honey when he has a cough, so sometimes he will come up to me, do a totally fake cough and say, "I need some honey." 

I was explaining to Grady one day that he should pray for himself and Daddy and Violet, because they were all sick. He replied, "Oh! Mommy is healthy!"

I got a phone call yesterday and Grady wanted to know who I had been talking to. I told him the Bishop from church had called and he was going to come over and talk to Mommy in a few minutes. Grady said, "And I will be shy."

Grady was running through the living room and bumped into the bin of pretend fruits and vegetables on a shelf, knocking it to the ground. He looked at me with a serious face and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. That was my fault. All these vegetables..."

Just this morning Grady was in time-out. When I went to get him out, I asked him to explain why he was in time-out. He started to tell me, then suddenly looked down at his arm and said, "Oh! Excuse me! I feerdagot (fergot) to roll down my pajamas" (his pajama sleeves were still rolled up from breakfast) and proceeded to roll them down before finishing his explanation and apology. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Violet's Birth Story

Remember all those feelings I had about my baby coming early? Well, it didn't happen. In fact, she was technically late. I still don't know why I had those feelings. Maybe that was what I needed to make sure I got all the way prepared in time. Maybe it was some kind of test for me to show that I would be willing to have her early--because I REALLY didn't want to at first--and let the Lord be in control. He does that with me sometimes. Or maybe I just made it all up. Who knows? Whatever the purpose was, I'm glad things worked out the way they did. The timing of our baby girl's arrival was perfect (for me at least...I did happen to be in labor during two of Matthew's midterms) and I am beyond grateful for the way the Lord has watched out for me and made everything work out so well over the past couple of months.

So...the story, for those who like that sort of thing.

Since I was so sure I was having this baby early, I spent the two weeks before baby's due date ready to dash to the hospital at any second. Bags were packed, I had a list of people ready to watch Grady, Matthew always had his phone nearby, just in case. 

Two weeks before the due date I went in for my regular check-up. They told me my blood pressure was high and there was protein in my urine and sent me off to the hospital to be monitored for preeclampsia, possibly needing to be induced immediately. I grabbed my hospital bag, dropped Grady off  at a friend's house, and picked Matthew up from school to come with me. At the hospital they hooked me up to machines and monitors and poked and prodded me for an hour or two. I remember thinking, "Shoot, I'm in the hospital gown already, Grady is with a sitter--let's just do this!" In the end they found that nothing was out of the ordinary and sent us home. I will admit that I cried a little. 

The following week I had another appointment. I was already dilated to a 5 and the midwife asked if she could strip my membranes to possibly help start the labor since I was already so far progressed. My mom wasn't scheduled to come for another week, but I had finally become so calm with the idea of the baby coming early (almost excited about it even), that I said, "Sure, why not?" I felt funny all that day and had some cramping (which the doctor failed to warn me was normal and didn't necessarily mean I was going into labor). I spent the next week paranoid and even sent Grady to a sitter once or twice, thinking this might be it. But nothing ever happened. Nothing but pain and cramps for the next week. (I don't think I'll be having my membranes stripped again after that experience...) 

Since I had gestational diabetes with this pregnancy, the doctors didn't want me going past my due date. I convinced them to put off an induction until two days after my due date so that my mom could be here to help with Grady. The induction was scheduled for 9 am on Thursday the 16th, and my mom was to arrive on Wednesday night at about 11:30 p.m. Late on Wednesday night (while we were watching the Royals win the pennant!) we got a call from my mom saying that she had missed her connection and was stuck in Chicago. The next flight wouldn't get her to Columbus until about 9 am. Matthew sent me to bed and said he would take care of it, but of course I panicked and didn't sleep well, wondering how we would pick her up and get Grady taken care of on such short notice. 

My worry was without cause, however, because that very night Matthew had found someone to take Grady and pick up my mom in the morning. My angel of a friend, Elizabeth, came and picked up Grady around 8. I ate a small breakfast of a piece of plain toast and some water, then immediately threw it up, which was strange because I haven't thrown up at all this pregnancy and I wasn't in labor yet, and I wasn't feeling particularly nervous or anything. I guess I wasn't meant to have any food in me? Then I took my time to shower, shave my legs, get all clean and prettified as much as possible for one last time before the storm. I honestly kind of like knowing when labor is going to happen and being able to get physically/mentally ready for it. Maybe someday I'll experience what it's like to actually go into labor on my own, but for now this has been good!

We took one final picture of the belly. Just for kicks, here is a side-by-side comparison of me right before having Grady (left) and right before having Violet (right).

We arrived at the hospital, got settled in, and received word from my mom that she was safely at our home in Columbus with Grady. The Pitocin was started at around 10:15 a.m. Matthew sat down to study for the exams he was missing (he got permission to take them the next day), while I perused the internet on my iPad. I think Matthew was anticipating having lots of study time, because my induced labor with Grady took 21 hours. I knew that it wouldn't be that way this time, however, because I was already dilated to a 5 (with Grady I was dilated to a big fat ZERO, even a week past my due date).

Shortly after that the contractions began, gradually progressing in their intensity. By noon the contractions were still fairly mild and I was dilated to a 6, so Matthew went to have some lunch in the cafeteria and visited a friend of ours who was also in the hospital due to an emergency appendectomy the night before. 

While he was gone, the contractions started to get stronger and more painful. At one point our nurse, Pam (who was absolutely fantastic, by the way), asked me if I still wanted to have an epidural. I responded, "Of course! Why do you ask?"
She replied, "Well you are so far along already and doing great on your own. I think you could probably handle it!"
I said, "Ohhhhhh no. I have never prepared myself for that and have zero coping strategies up my sleeve." 
She laughed and said, "Oh honey! Even the ladies with 'strategies' just end up breathing the best they can in the end anyway! I'll help you!"

For the first time in my life, I entertained the idea of having a natural labor. 

And then I had another contraction.

NOPE. Not happening.

Shortly before Matthew returned, my contractions weren't unbearable, but they were getting pretty painful, so I decided to go ahead and request the epidural. I'm glad I did because they had to get a liter of fluid in me and request the anesthesia people to come first, both of which took awhile. By the time the epidural was put in my contractions were pretty darn painful. 

Once the epidural kicked in, I felt AWESOME. I was so relaxed and I felt like I had just had a massage--I seriously felt like I could take a nap. Yet at the same time, I could still feel when I was having contractions, just without the pain, which was not something I was able to feel with Grady's labor. I was amazed at how quickly I had gone from experiencing a ton of pain to feeling so wonderful and comfortable. I told Matthew, "If for some reason down the road I ever say anything about wanting to try a natural labor, please remind me of how great I feel right now."

My midwife, Jen, came in to check my progress and break my water. She said I was now dilated to a 7. After she left, the nurse started laying out all of the things that would be used for the delivery and the baby. I was a little confused because I knew that (with induced labors anyway) it is generally expected for a woman to dilate about one centimeter per hour and I still had three centimeters to go. I asked the nurse why she was getting everything out. She said that things could go very quickly at that point so she wanted to be ready. I was a little skeptical. Then she left and said she'd be back in about an hour to check on me. 

An hour passed by and the nurse came back to check on me. She looked at me and said, "You're at a 10."

The midwife came in moments later and told me it was time to push. My response was pretty much something like, "Cool. Sounds good." Everything about that moment was so nonchalant, so matter-of-fact, so not a big deal. I was amazed at the calmness of it all (especially of myself...I am not what you would call a calm person in general).

With Grady I pushed for an hour and a half. This time, after pushing for two contractions, the midwife said to me, "Okay, on this next contraction you're going to push out her head. Then listen to me and I'll guide you through the shoulders." Instead, I gave one more push and the baby just shot right out! 

I looked over at Matthew right then and said, "That was easy!" And I meant it. The entire labor lasted 5 1/2 hours, the epidural was amazing and perfect, and I only pushed for three contractions. A dream labor.

Our little Violet Caroline Wright was born at 3:52 p.m.

Because Grady was born with tons of dark hair, I couldn't picture our next baby having anything else. I figured that could only mean that she would come out bald or blonde or something totally different. I was very surprised when she came out looking very much like Grady had!

Within moments that sweet baby was laid on my chest, where I was able to hold her/nurse her for the next hour. Those cuddles with a brand new baby who has just entered the world are some of the sweetest.

Grady and my mom were able to come and join us right about when that hour was up. We all got to watch as she was weighed and measured (8 lbs 10 oz and 19 in) and checked, then Daddy finally got to hold his girl.

Daddy and his girl

Grady mostly sat on my bed eating some apples.

Matthew commented on how things are different the second time around: when Grady was born he was kind of nervous to hold him and always so careful, but the first time he held Violet in the hospital he was chasing Grady around and picking things up off the floor at the same time. 

The Team
Jen (midwife), Pam (the most amazing nurse)

After another hour we were moved to the postpartum room, where Violet was given her first bath and I got to eat some of the things I had been missing out on due to the diabetes: pizza and pumpkin donuts! (The pumpkin festival we went to last year with the amazing donuts was held the week Violet was born and two different friends brought us back pumpkin donuts from there. I'm pretty sure I ate half a dozen donuts the day after Violet was born...)

First family photo (that I had to crop to make Violet decent)

Coco, my wonderful mother, who did so much to help us the week after Violet was born.

Grady was pretty indifferent to Violet while we were in the hospital. He was more excited to push buttons, eat food from the vending machines and try to get out of the room so he could go run and play. Oh, and apparently he was afraid of the elevator.

Now that we are at home, he loves her. He always wants to touch and hold her (which is a little scary sometimes...yesterday he tried to put a pom-pom in her mouth). But for the most part he is very gentle with her and is always delighted to see her. "Baby sister is awake!" He always wants to do what she is doing, especially tummy time.

Grady has struggled a bit with the loss of Mommy's undivided attention 24/7. A lot of attention-seeking behavior is occurring over here, but also lots of asking for hugs, which never used to happen. Daddy has been great and takes him out to play somewhere every evening.

During the day he has kept himself busy lately by watching the construction workers build a sidewalk in front of our house. And digging in the dirt with his trucks as he watches (of course). And talking to the workers and asking if he can sit in their trucks (sometimes they let him). And sometimes wearing his yellow hard hat too. Every morning at about 7 a.m. he begins his request for this. We were even out there digging in coats and hats this morning during one of baby's naps when it was about 23 degrees...

Little Miss Violet is just as sweet as can be and we love having her in our family. It's taken us a few weeks to figure each other out, but we are well on our way now and things are going well. She is such a happy, sweet girl. My mom thinks her face looks a lot like me as a baby. Her hair just gets fluffier and crazier every day, which we love! Here are a few more pictures of her in her first few weeks of life.

With her proud protectors

First bath at home.

Her go-to superhero pose. She does this with her arms whenever we lay her on the floor.

Here's a good shot of that hair.

Not the best lighting, but this one was just taken tonight. We sure love this girl!